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0204 One Impossible Thing w/ Playwright Rachel Bykowski

January 15, 2019

In this episode of DT2S, I talk with friend and playwright Rachel Bykowski. We discuss her recent success with several of her plays getting readings and productions around the US, feminism in art, her process for writing, and how she undertook the #100submissions attempt. Rachel and I became friends in graduate school at OU where she wowed us with her talent and her love of shoes. In fact, my 2yo is obsessed with shoes and I can't help but give a nod to Rach.

We also talk a lot about her use of #NewPlayExchange and what playwrights she follows like Rachel Bublitz, Chloe Hung, and Diana Burbano.

You can find Rachel and many of her plays on New Play Exchange.

You may follow her on the Twitter at @RachB713

And you can visit her site at

You can follow me at @TylerWhidden

Music by Roger Hoover


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